• Digital technologies are changing our every day culture in a multitude of ways. We are living in the middle of the post-digital age. The Internet is omnipresent – particularly in the arts and in culture.

  • Beyond the buzzwords of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things or Big Data: these terms are standard in the discussion of how new technologies will change our daily life, particularly in the context of work. But simply name dropping doesn't really help us to understand what and exactly how technology is changing our world of work.

  • In the track City and Mobility we are taking a look at the impact digitalization has on cities. What does the increasing interconnectedness of urban space mean for the inhabitants of a city? Do sensor-equipped, self-regulated street lamps imply an increase in sustainability or rather a loss of anonymous urban space?


  • From Detroit Techno to Afrofuturism, Detroit’s diverse creative scene has nurtured the city into a global beacon of arts, music and culture. But how inclusive and accessible is its cultural scene? In this topic, we’re looking at Access to the Arts & Culture.

  • Detroit’s industrial history lays the foundation for an emerging economy, one full of post-industrial businesses, startups, and plenty of new jobs. With an up-and-coming start-up ecosystem, how are funds, loans, cash flow and venture capitalism investments accessed?

  • From Hamtramck and Southwest to Eastern Market and North End, Detroit offers a wide urban scope, but how does access vary for each neighborhood in the city? Citizens and entire neighborhoods are feeling the impact of development projects that have transformed the city into an innovation hub — for better or for worse.