Detroit’s industrial history lays the foundation for an emerging economy, one full of post-industrial businesses, startups, and plenty of new jobs. With an up-and-coming start-up ecosystem, how are funds, loans, cash flow and venture capitalism investments accessed? In turn, how do startup infrastructure, know-how of business acumen and growing digital capabilities play out? re:publica Detroit will be all about Access. In this topic, we want to explore Access to Work & New Economy.

Some of the questions we’re hoping to answer: How will a city like Detroit benefit from technological developments such as artificial intelligence in the working market? How can an afrofuturist approach to cryptocurrency be created in an accessible manner? How can digital technology contribute to business growth in Detroit and across the nation? Can Detroit become America’s richest city once again? What counterexamples are there to serve as models?

Whether green fintechs or social entrepreneurs, whether values-based business modeling or the SHEconomy – together,we want to critically evaluate the status quo of the working world, the digitisation of the economy and its impact on our consumption, culture and lifestyles. We are looking forward to reports, analyses, research findings and other data-driven reflections on these questions