Access to Mobility & Urban Space

From Hamtramck and Southwest to Eastern Market and North End, Detroit offers a wide urban scope, but how does access vary for each neighborhood in the city? Citizens and entire neighborhoods are feeling the impact of development projects that have transformed the city into an innovation hub — for better or for worse. re:publica Detroit discusses questions regarding Access to Mobility & Urban Space.

Some of the questions we are hoping to tackle: What role does access to the urban space play for Detroit metro inhabitants? How can we ensure access to and for all communities and neighborhoods, especially for those communities that need it most? What urban developments must happen but aren’t, and which projects are leading to unwanted gentrification? What role should public transportation play in Detroit’s future? How does the 24-hour economy encourage neighborhood access and play out in the long run? What does accessible recycling have to do with urban development?

Detroit has the nation’s lowest digital inclusion rate. How will the individuals who need them most access transportation services like Uber, Lyft and e-scooters?
On the topic of Mobility & Urban Space, there’s a lot to learn from almost every discipline, and we are looking forward to the critical, creative, academic and artistic contributions of this topic. Urban life and the mobility of the future concern all of us – regardless of whether you ride a bicycle, drive a car, live in the suburbs, or in midtown.