Grand Stop on Sequencer Tour: Detroit

About re:publica:
Founded in 2007, re:publica is Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference, taking place annually in Berlin. re:publica 2019 hosted 1135 speakers from 52 countries, and received more than 25 000 participants over the course of the three day event. re:publica addresses all of the ways digitization is changing societies, from its impact on politics, media, social services, to the ways its changing arts, culture, business, and science. At the core of our conference lies a holistic approach to the central question of how to contribute to our digital future. By including a wide range of communities and various stakeholders, we foster dialogue at eye level and ensure exchange, connection and knowledge transfer across all levels of society. re:publica stands for openness, inclusiveness and diversity. 50 percent of re:publica 19 speakers were women, ranking the event as one of the most inclusive of its kind. Check out this re:cap video to get the vibe.

Why is re:publica coming to Detroit?
Since October 2018, re:publica has joined the year-long Wunderbar Together campaign and is on Sequencer Tour through the USA. With previous stops in Los Angeles, Austin and New York, we are now heading to Detroit on September 27th and 28th, 2019.

Detroit stands out particularly with its very own history, its vibrant creative scene, its urban development, the development around its economy and a wide range of strong and engaged communities tackling the big challenges and wanting to bring about change.
We want to…

  • Connect local Detroiters and global communities from different corners of society
  • Offer a platform for exchange to shape our digital future together
  • Draw transatlantic ties and strengthen bridges between our societies

re:publica in Detroit aims to fuse local and international influences in culture, society, music and politics into a shared dialogue. We want you to deepen your existing ties and establish new ones, and foster a critical reflection of digital developments.

All About Access:
Taking a look at Detroit, a city that has undergone substantial transformation as once America’s richest city to one of the country’s poorest, fundamental questions around accessibility arise. Who receives access to economic opportunity, creative expression, and urban mobility in an age of digitalisation? Three areas are key when looking at access:

→ Access to Mobility & Urban Space: mobility, sustainability & communities, water, Internet...
→ Access to Work & the New Economy: entrepreneurship, equality, business opportunities, digital policy...
→ Access to Arts & Culture: art, museums & music, funding, government support...

From amplifying the voice of the youth to civic movements that bridge the digital divide, from changing the narrative to staying true to the core: Join us for two days of critical discussion, immersive experiences and an epic festival all around access and digital society.

For more details head here and find more information in our FAQs. We’re looking forward to hearing your visions and the ideas you really care about.

About Wunderbar Together

From October 2018 until the end of 2019, Germany and its deep ties to the U.S. will be on display all across the United States. The campaign “Deutschlandjahr USA” will travel across the entire U.S., bringing with it a collection of events and exhibits revolving around business and industry, politics, education, culture, and science, to highlight the unique importance of transatlantic relations and to strengthen bridges between our societies. Deutschlandjahr is a comprehensive and collaborative campaign of the Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institute, and with support ‎of the BDI, with the goal of presenting today’s Germany to people across the entire U.S.
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