Room 1
14:45 - 15:45
Access to Arts & Culture
Art for Social Impact


In order for art to achieve maximum social impact, artists + government officials + corporations + non-profit organizations must work intelligently + collaboratively to envision + execute meaningful, accessible creative engagement opportunities that benefit ALL.
This session brings together key Detroit shareholders and international perspectives with the aim of identifying public barriers to art, collectively mitigating those factors, and creating solutions to improve art access/impact.


Art for Social Impact is a panel discussion exploring how art can be leveraged by cities, corporations, and communities to solve or meaningfully address social and civic problems. More specifically, the panel will examine how each group can work together to collectively develop and participate in activities that might mitigate persistent problems that exist in Detroit such as blight, illegal dumping, struggling school systems/poor student performance, and inequities in economic opportunity. The idea is that by bringing together individuals who possess a shared interest in how art can create social impact as well as individuals who are uniquely positioned to facilitate said impact, the outcome will be the identification of actionable steps that can be taken to effectively leverage art for social change. The panel will be moderated by Brandon Christopher, owner of CANVASxDetroit.