Joanna Dueweke-Perez
Joanna Dueweke-Perez (wearing dinosaur dress)

Compelled by the urgency of a more equitable future, Joanna Dueweke-Perez thrives on “making things work.” Programs, community organizing, a neighborhood business, events, websites, her family’s schedule - no matter what the project might be, she’s invested in the logistics of it all. Currently, Joanna manages TechTown Detroit's Professional Service Network and Alumni Initiatives. She is committed to building systems that create equitable opportunities for all entrepreneurs from brick and mortar businesses to high-tech innovation to the service providers that support them all. Outside of her work with TechTown, Joanna supports the operations and development of Featherstone Moments, a boutique marketing firm that serves primarily overlooked businesses in the Detroit area, and volunteers with the Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week's planning team. 

Before coming to TechTown, Joanna served with various organizations including ProsperUS Detroit and Detroit SOUP. In addition to that, in a volunteer capacity, she has supported the African Bureau of Immigration and Social Affairs, Brilliant Detroit, Darkroom Detroit, and the Tricycle Collective. Joanna has a Masters in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University.

When she’s not planning or creating flowcharts and spreadsheets, she’s reading a whole bunch, learning from her community, or paddleboarding on the Detroit River.