Room 3
17:15 - 18:15
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
Queendom Fungi 101

Short thesis

The Fungal Queendom is often understudied, overlooked and misconstrued. This session will allow you to explore the miraculous, hidden world of Fungi. By applying systems thinking and basic environmental analysis, we can help solve food scarcity with mushrooms!


Fungi play a major role within our environment by enhancing soil conditions, human health and community engagement.  Here, you will embark on the unknown, the forgotten and often stigmatized world of fungi. Learn how they can heal you, enlighten you, possibly kill you but overall, how they connect life on earth. We will dive into fungal history, species identification (via macro and micro), DIY cultivation, mushroom dyes, myco-materials and more! We will talk about how mushroom farming is a way to provide food, medicine and remediation to communities while operating in a sustainable manner.

Whether its curiosity or interest, we are here to answer all your fungal questions. Come learn with us and explore the weird and fascinating world of fungi!