Room 1
19:00 - 19:30
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
Move Something: Healing Socioeconomic Trauma through Cultural Programming

Short thesis

Many native Detroiters of Diasporic Afrikan ancestry have experienced economic violence and structural racism that has resulted in years of cultural/physical displacement as well as deep emotional trauma. When cultural identity and legacy is displaced so is one's sense of place. This action seeks to address one's ability to change their emotional state and their subsequent social mobility, through the use of storytelling and place-based cultural programming.


This session is led by Bryce Detroit, featuring members of his highly acclaimed Detroit Afrikan Funkestra. This session will utilize music, storytelling, and performance art to help reconnect North End residents of Afrikan Ancestry with the stories of their neighborhood’s rich culture and historic music economies. This session will also expose participants to new narratives of the cultural and economic renaissance presently taking place in the North End, newly activated neighborhood spaces, as well as the multidisciplinary actors collaboratively spearheading these initiatives. This session will also examine the implications of “entertainment art and pop-culture sensibilities”, on the individual/collective’s ability to construct (and project) new self-determined identities and ancestrally-rooted futures. Following the live performance, there will be an opportunity for open-conversation as well as a Q & A with the lead artist and cast members.