Room 1
11:30 - 12:00
Access to Arts & Culture
Inclusive vs. Smart: How Creatives are Impacted by Urban Design

Short thesis

Most people will sleepwalk into the fully sensing world of the smart city. This session asks what kind of technological futures we are heading toward and how are designers, activists, technologists and policymakers creatively and critically responding?


What are the civic and cultural implications of the networked city? This keynote will speak from a cultural and creative perspective on this topic. It will discuss some of the artistic projects created by rootoftwo and include works by other artists and creative technologists that are investigating conversation and policy change around the networked city, digital inclusion, AI/IoT and anti-surveillance/facial recognition techniques. Collectively, it advocates for smart city development that advances equity and resiliency.

Main questions addressed by this session include:

  • How does centering smart city development in social justice practices build equity rather than entrench existing inequitable social structures?
  • What role do public, private and philanthropic interests play in shaping smart city developments in Detroit, NYC, Berlin, Barcelona? Exemplary? Cautionary?
  • What tactics/barriers exist for bringing diverse publics into the conversation as real partners in priority-setting and accountability structures?