Room 3
13:30 - 14:00
The End of Mayors: A Detroiter's Vision for a True Democracy

Short thesis

Globally, most of us agree that Democracy needs to be updated. The most popularly followed democratic models were designed for populations that were smaller, more exclusive, less educated, and less connected than we are today. Not surprisingly, our politicians serve terms and seem non-responsive to their pronounced goals. Can equitable distribution of legislative and regulatory decision- making powers lead to a better Detroit? Though it may sound Utopian, isn't it possible? Yes!


This will be a presentation about one of the greatest imaginable futures of the city of Detroit. We will watch videos of Detroiters proposing, responding, and considering policy ideas proposed by fellow citizens. Let's indulge in the ways technology can be used to hyperlocally change governmental landscapes and grant citizens direct access to shaping our economic and political participation-- charting our courses into the future.