Room 3
10:30 - 11:30
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
Documenting Detroit: A Conservation Photography Workshop

Short thesis

As residents of Detroit we are seeing rapid gentrification and growth in our city. As artists and activists we have the opportunity to help document this change. This photo workshop will provide basic skills and practical technics in documentary photography focusing on conservation.
Participants are expected to bring their own cameras.


Detroit is a vibrant city that is very much alive and growing rapidly. Yet still so much of the photography we continue to see on exhibit or published in national or international publications continues to be ruin porn, or a voyeuristic view of the city. We know this city as one that is very much alive, not dying. As our city continues to grow and face gentrification few are actively documenting the change we are experiencing.

This workshop will provide an introduction to documentary photography with a focus on conservation. Photo theory, basic key technique and best practices will be taught in a classroom setting before students embark on a 1-2 hour photo walk to apply the skills they just learned, where I will apply further guidance and instruction in the field. Discussion on how they might partner with local institutions to archive these current times for future generations. 

The goal is to teach and empower Detroiters to combat gentrification by documenting all the change and constants within their neighborhoods and communities. While producing photographs that tell unique stories. 

Two hour workshop with 0.5 hr in classroom setting, and the remainder of the time taking pictures.

Participants are expected to bring their own cameras.