Room 1
16:30 - 17:15
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Where Do We Go From Here? A Cross-Continental Odyssey to the Future

Short thesis

This cross-continental conversation zooms in on the longterm perspective of our humanity, while taking a look at the here and now. The session aims to tackle the following:

- What are fresh global visions on the future of our humanity?

- Who is making decisions today for our society of tomorrow?

- How are we creating more equitable futures that level the global playing field?


This cross-continental conversation with zooms in on the longterm perspective of our humanity, while taking a look at the here and now. This conversation asks what narratives and counter-narratives explore the future, and what role does technology play in both? How will futurist societies foster accessibility? Will we travel to interstellar worlds, and what (crypto-)currencies will we use there? Who is already colonizing our future(s), and are we heading towards a dystopia?

Ingrid will tackle questions on how the revamp of the monetary system through peer-to-peer blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies lead to a more liberating and equitable future of humanity. Do we have to go back to ancient religious and cultural traditions in order to move forward? What are the political power dynamics at play that keep up the current status quo, and how can they be dismantled to pave the way for Afrofuturism?  

Will will explore how Ghana is becoming the African hub for social entrepreneurship, startups and investment, and what the “African Giant” mindset has to do with it.

Armen explains why do all sorts of futurisms pop up recently, and in places where historical futurism thought wouldn’t have thought that this would be possible: already decades ago afrofuturism, but more recently sinofuturism and gulf-futurism. why the emphasis on the future, and why now?