Room 1
16:00 - 17:00
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
What’s On Our Plate - Towards Global Food Sovereignty

Short thesis

How well do we know our food, and the people who made it? In this session, we’re looking at access to food in Detroit and beyond - and the struggle of turning dependency into sovereignty.


Food is not only a crucial determinant when looking at social inequality & climate change - it can also be an instrument of social cohesion, a way to connect people through gardening, cooking and eating together. As an epicentre of urban agriculture, Detroit has been at the center of attention of food activists worldwide and we’re excited to welcome pivotal figures of its food scene to explore the global importance of food sovereignty. 

Some of the questions we’re tackling with this panel discussion include: What is food sovereignty and how do we get there? How do we regain control over our food supply at a hyperlocal level? What can other cities learn from Detroit with regards to leveraging food entrepreneurship for urban development? What are challenges for Black food entrepreneurs? And how can we take these learnings and push for a global food system that respects people, nature and generations to come?

The goal of this panel is to explore the social & political implications of food through a variety of angles, and to define strategies for achieving food sovereignty, from a hyperlocal to a global level.