Room 1
13:30 - 14:00
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
What Scooters Can’t Fix: Addressing issues of transport with tech-enabled disruptions

Short thesis

The problems of transportation begin with how (single-use, low density) urban development patterns have generated excessively long travel distances to jobs and other daily needs that can then be reached only by automobile. This has reduced the likelihood of having good/successful/affordable public transport or being able to bike or walk to our destinations, and reduced the access of the ones who really need it.


Technology-enabled disruptions have recently begun to change the transport landscape. However, advocacy organizations have not been acting as quickly as the technologies have advanced or their haphazard deployment in cities. In the same way that there was decisive action since the 1960s that resulted in the paradigm of sustainable mobility, there is a need to understand these new technologies and propose ways forward that are optimistic and can arrive at cities that are joyful, sustainable and fair.

This session will present ideas on how to achieve this in a way that can support that new paradigm, based on the Shared Mobility Principles and the nascent work of the pilots of the New Urban Mobility Alliance.