Room 3
14:45 - 16:00
Access to Work & New Economy
How to Apply Design Thinking to Your Leadership

Short thesis

What are the skills needed as leaders in the future of work? How do we strengthen the critical skills that complement data and tech skills in the new economy ? Explore how to apply a human-centered design framework to your personal and professional leadership. This workshop will share key design thinking principles as well as needed leadership skills to keep us at our growth edge, while providing an interactive opportunity to think creatively and design new dynamics of your own leadership.


This workshop will focus on how to apply design thinking to leadership in the context of how we need to show up as innovative leaders in business and beyond.

The workshop will have two parts:

1) a focus on sharing and discussing leadership skills needed for innovation and the future of work

2) a focus on engaging in an interactive, creative series of design exercises so that each participant walks away with new insights and action around their leadership