Room 2
13:30 - 14:00
Access to Arts & Culture
BOUNDLESS Street Art Installation by CANVASxDetroit

Short thesis

Street Art is often unfairly relegated to the realm of the criminal and only recognized as a means of illegal, criminal, vandalistic artistic expression. This conceptualization is unfortunate because Street Art SHOULD be acknowledged as a legitimate art form and pillar of global creative culture.

CANVASxDetroit's BOUNDLESS Street Art installation offers everyone an opportunity to learn + fully engage in the creative process. Each participant will be able to contribute to the Street Art canvas.


BOUNDLESS is a versatile, temporary Street Art installation which allows users to paint on a double-sided, transparent, floating "canvas" stretched between either natural or installed posts. The larger aim of BOUNDLESS is to re-contextualize Street Art in a way that de-emphasizes the negative ideas associated with graffiti (vandalism, property defacement, criminality, etc) by allowing people to see and directly participate in the act of creating street art without negative connotation or consequence. 

Each BOUNDLESS installation begins with a historical review of Street Art and its origins. After this brief discussion, participants are offered the opportunity to fully engage in the process of creating Street Art. For the Sequencer Detroit event, CANVASxDetroit will hire a local, professional graffiti artist to paint a small scale mural on the BOUNDLESS canvas. Aerosol cans are provided and all participants will be equipped with face masks and non-latex gloves allowing them to experiment and make their own mark in the Street Art style.

This session is an ongoing installation that will take place outside the venue on both days.