Room 1
12:15 - 13:15
Access to Mobility & Urban Space
Accessing All Abilities - New Mobility Options for Equity & Access

Short thesis

Autonomous driving, electrified vehicles, sharing platforms and many more digital innovations already changed the way we move. But this was just the beginning. In this session, we're taking a hard look at current mobility innovations and how they revolutionize the way we move, live, and how they foster access – of transportation modes, of places and much more. We want to look at the mobility of the future from different perspectives to discuss solutions that work for everyone.


Hardly any area of society is undergoing as much change as urban mobility. Our cell phones take us from A to B with shared mobility services, carpooling platforms, and public transport apps. While car companies are building the next generation of connected, self-driving and fully electric vehicles, cities worldwide are putting the first autonomous vehicles on the road. The digital mobility revolution is in full swing. Taking a look at internet connectivity and infrastructure however, fundamental questions around equity arise. 

So we’re asking: How is access ensured for all members of society? Who benefits from the data generated? And where is the journey going? Let’s seek answers to these questions!