#rpDetroit Speaker Diana Nucera: Access means power

Diana Nucera Aka Mother Cyborg is an artist, educator and mother of the ‘Tech Zine’ genre. She believes in the power of self transformation and bringing attention to the importance of technology rooted in community need. Her work focuses on demystifying some of tech’s most complex systems including: the science of mixing records, Open Data, Community Wireless Networks, Understanding global Internet Infrastructure  and Artificial Intelligence. Diana co-founded the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC), the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP), and A People’s Guide to AI. Diana creates opportunities to educate and liberate marginalized communities while elevating our collective technological consciousness. 

What message do you want to share at re:publica Detroit?

The terms Equity, Diversity and Inclusion require reciprocity to thrive. They are not met by simply adding people of color to a place. They are met by insuring that power is distributed and multiple perspectives are honored in any decision that is made, mechanical or human.

In one word, what does access mean to you? 


From your experience, what are challenges regarding connectivity in Detroit?

The biggest issues any community faces with inequity of any resource or utility are the invisible constraints of structural racism.

What are you looking forward to most at re:publica Detroit? 

Teaching and learning, listening and sharing stories.