Detroit Call for Participation: Access to Mobility & Urban Space

From Hamtramck to Eastern Market and North End, Detroit offers a wide urban scope, but how does access vary for each neighborhood? Especially with a look to development projects moving the needle from urban decay to the city’s innovation labs, citizens and entire neighborhoods are feeling the impact - for better or for worse. re:publica Detroit is all about access and we’re looking for your ideas and visions on Access within Urban Space and Mobility.

The questions we’re thinking about:
What role does Access to the urban space play for Detroit metro inhabitants? How can we ensure access to and for all communities and neighborhoods, especially for those that need it most? What developments must happen but aren’t, and which projects are leading to gentrification? What role should public transport have for the future of Detroit? How does the 24 hour economy encourage neighborhood access and play out in the long run? And what does accessible recycling have to do with urban development?

While smart mobility encompasses scooters, autonomously driving cars, or a more efficient public transport, it is also an opportunity for the public to be fairly shared by all road users. But who will benefit, and who profits from the data generated?

Detroit has the nation’s lowest digital inclusion rate. Therefore, what good will transportation apps like Uber, Lyft and scooter applications do to enhance the lives of those who need it most?

We’d love to see various perspectives participating in this debate. In the topic of Mobility & Urban Space, there’s a lot to learn from almost every discipline, which is why we’re looking for ideas from tech nerds, mobility researchers, urban planners and beyond. We welcome critical, creative, academic and artistic contributions. Urban life and the mobility of the future concern all of us – regardless of whether you ride a bicycle, drive a car, live in the suburbs, in the hood or in midtown.

You can contribute to the programme through a variety of formats: a talk, discussion,   as well as anything that will leave the audience breathless and is a lot of fun: hands-on workshops, VR performances, installations or inspiring actions with bots and robots that open up new perspectives on the topic of “Mobility & Urban Space”. Submit your content idea until August 1st through our Call for Participation. We look forward to reading your submission!

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