Jaime D. Junior

Jaime Junior is a dedicated Disability Rights advocate. She is most passionate about Community Integration and Economic Justice for those within the Disability Community.  Jaime serves as the C.O.O of Warriors on Wheels of Metro-Detroit, a grassroots organization whose motto is “advancing the cause of disability rights” and in 2018, Jaime was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to the Michigan Developmental Disability Council.

Jaime serves on several committees and advisory boards around Wayne County; as well as, the Metro Detroit Area. Jaime holds the distinguished title of LEND Fellow from MI-DDI housed at Wayne State University in Detroit MI where she is a student in the Urban Studies program. Jaime also works as a Peer Mentor and a Facilitator in the LEAD project through Michigan Disability Rights Coalition. Throughout her career, Jaime has been the recipient of several achievement awards among which was the JVS Strictly Business “Employee of the Year” award in 2005, for her work as the Program Coordinator with the ExperienceSeniorPower project which was an intergenerational computer learning program.