Armen Avanessian

Armen Avanessian studied philosophy and political science in Vienna and Paris. After completing his dissertation in literature, he worked at the Free University Berlin from 2007- 2014. He has previously been a Visiting Fellow in the German Department at Columbia University and the German Department at Yale University and Visiting professor at various art academies in Europe and the US. In Berlin, Avanessian is the editor at large at Merve Verlag and in charge of the theory program at the internationally acclaimed theatre Volksbühne. He is a co-founder of the bilingual research platform Spekulative Poetik (www.spekulative-, conducting a series of events, translations and publications. His work is translated into various languages. Forthcoming in German are two monographs One plus One and I – I (Merve, 2019), both written in collaboration with Anke Hennig.