Angie Linder

Angie Linder is a long-time music enthusiast and entrepreneur. In the late 80’s, she started her love affair with Detroit Techno.  The music gave her a sense of identity and purpose.  This passion inspired her to co-found the DJ/producer collective Detroit Techno Militia with her husband, Tom.  Together DTM hosts and performs at numerous events both locally and around the world.  In 2014 she was tapped by Dimitri Hegemann & Walter Wasacz to join in their efforts to “Unlock the Night” in Detroit.  Being a long-time participant in the 24-hour economy, the decision was easy.  She helped to launch the Detroit-Berlin Connection’s efforts stateside.  The DBC is a non-profit, Trans-Atlantic creative partnership committed to advocating for Detroit’s 24-hour Economy in order to bolster the creative communities.  Angie is deeply rooted in the music community and wants to ensure that Detroit-based artists and musicians have the opportunity to make a living wage from their craft…in Detroit.